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Sr. Christine Burke is a member of the Australian and South East Asian province of the IBVM (Loreto Sisters). She did her initial BA. Dip. Ed. degree through Melbourne University, then after a short time in school administration and teaching she studied for her M.Div. through Jesuit School of Theology in Chicago. After ten years in adult faith education and group facilitation for the Archdiocese of Adelaide, in the mid-1990s Christine completed a Ph.D. through Monash University, addressing ways Christianity might connect more relevantly to secular society.  She returned to Adelaide to establish and teach in the Pastoral Ministry program, forming lay leaders for the archdiocese. In 2003-4, Christine did a post-doctoral few months in Cambridge, UK writing on the life and spirituality of Mary Ward, who founded her congregation in 1609.

After six years as Province leader, Christine came to the Philippines in 2013. She has done a little facilitating and teaching for different congregations here, but her main focus has been establishing a study house in Manila for her congregation. She currently lives in a community with Korean and Chinese sisters who belong to the Congregation of Jesus, a juridically separate Institute that share with the IBVM the same founder, Mary Ward, her charism and the Ignatian Constitutions. Christine has also visited Korea, India and Zimbabwe during these years, working primarily with the CJ sisters on the life and charism of Mary Ward.