The Institute of Formation and Religious Studies is a leading institute for religious studies and formation preparing graduates committed to a contextual, integrated, inclusive and transformational ministry and witnessing to the Biblical/Gospel imperatives.


The institute equips students with theoretical and practical knowledge in Scriptures, theology, spirituality, women and gender studies enabling them to become authentic Christian witnesses.
Enriched by a diversity of cultures, the Institute provides venues for inculturation, relevant research, prophetic dialogue and creative ministries.

Excerpt from the letter to Sr. Maria Luz Mijarez, OSA, Chairperson of (AMRSWP):

“I would wish to appreciate you for the pride you take in your Institute of Formation and Religious Studies (IFRS) as a “legitimate daughter” of the Association of Major Religious Superiors-women of the Philippines (AMRSWP) and for the passion to make your formation programmes a deepening of prophetic spirituality. I am happy that you are earnest about its progress and about fine-tuning of its programmes in line with the prophetic nature of consecrated life.”

Gianfranco A. Gardin, OFM Conv.
Archbishop Secretary
Congregacio Pro Institutis Vitae Consecratae
Et Societatibus Vitae Apostolicae
Vatican City, Rome
January 3, 2007 institute where students make discoveries that invite transformation and pose a challenge to live out these discoveries in today’s concrete Third World situation. is not only a place of learning but also a place where psycho-social-spiritual integration happens.

- Sr. Alice, RGS, Philippines

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